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As the trend on offense of substituting players into the game grows and grows, it becomes necessary for defenses to consider doing the same type of substitution in order to avoid mismatches in coverage and run defense. This is an area of your total defensive package that you should incorporate very early into your practice organization if you see a need for its use sometime in the upcoming year.


In preparation for the upcoming year the development of our substitution defenses always followed six basic principles. Before a defense was accepted for use in our total package we wanted to consider it based on these six areas.

1. We first wanted to clearly define the purpose of any substitution defense under consideration and at the same time it was important for us to list the result that we hoped to achieve by using this specific defense.

2. Whenever possible we wanted all types of substitution defenses to be designed from one of our base defenses.

3. We wanted to make certain that the practice time needed to develop any substitution defense be proportional to the actual time that we might use it in a game.

4. We wanted to evaluate how one or two injuries might prevent the use of any substitution defense and what adjustments would be needed based on injuries.

5. In deciding on a defense, we wanted to see if it could be week to week specific and fill a need we might have to stop a particular upcoming opponent.

6. Finally, we wanted to be assured that we had a substitution defense that allowed us to match up favorably with any offensive personnel ìsetî that our opponent might use.


Any substitution defense that we worked into our total defensive package began with our base defense. Starting with either our 3-4 or our 4-3 base defense we would substitute in a defensive back [either a corner or safety] for the weak side linebacker. To simplify the substitution process we named these defenses our 33 and 42 defense.

Continuing on from the 33 and 42 defense, we would next substitute an additional defensive back for our base strong side linebacker [usually a safety] giving us a 32 and 41 defensive alignment.

As our base defenses were introduced to our team, we would also take time in our practice schedule to introduce our substitution players to our base defense scheme and responsibilities. Our goal was to be able to call any of our defenses with our base personnel or any one of our substitution personnel in the game.

In addition we always had specialized coverage substitution defense that we would teach that featured special coaching to counteract specific personnel sets that we might face. These were usually defenses that we would use on passing downs and utilized our best coverage personnel. Defenses in this area would be, 40 pass, 41 pass, 42 pass and our 51 pass defense.

A separate substation area would always be our specialized goal line and short yardage defense that would feature substituting big people into the game giving us our 6-1 defense..

Our In Depth Clinic ìSubstitution Defenseî will discuss in detail with diagrams each one of the topics that I have outlined in this summary.
I hope this summary gives you a good feeling and insight into the written text and diagrams which will be included in the detailed material you will receive when you order our In -Depth Coaching Clinics.

Each of the areas in this summary will be fully covered and developed in the In -Depth Clinic material. The bound clinic material that you will receive for your reference library and for your immediate personal use will include diagrams in addition to complete and thorough explanations. The clinic will provide you with new innovative ideas, specific techniques, plans for implementation and valuable insights that will make you a better teacher and coach.

I am very happy to be able to share with you my first hand knowledge, experience and understanding of the game.