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In teaching our young players to play zone defense, we felt that there were six basic principles which every backer had to understand if he was to have success playing the defense.

1. The first principle was that he had to know and understand the location of the seven underneath zones that he might be required to drop into. We divided the underneath zones into 2 outside zones, 2 slot zones, 2 hook zones and 1 center zone.

2. It was vitally important that the linebacker know and understand the proper physical techniques he should use when he was dropping to his designated zone area. [sprint - crossover, backpedal and combination].

3. We felt it was necessary for each linebacker to understand the correlation between the quarterbacks drop and the type of pass pattern which could be expected. [three, five, seven, nine, sprint, roll, waggle and play action].

4. We wanted each backer to understand the proper method of reacting to the ball when it was thrown by the quarterback to any portion of the field. [to the right or left, in front, behind and even with his location].

5. We wanted each backer to know and understand how down and distance influenced the manner in which an underneath passing game could be attacked.

6. Each linebacker must know and understand when his drop needs to be adjusted based on the priority of achieving width or depth.

After we had established the beginning of the learning process, we next wanted to introduce are various types of zone defense that we would be playing during the year and the drops the linebackers would be using.

Here we would feature in our three deep package, a 4 under concept, a four under lock concept, a five under concept and a three deep with a free concept.

In our two deep package we would feature a 5 under concept, and a six under concept with a lock concept or a man under concept.

We would teach our backers a 4 under drop when we featured our four deep straight or with a four deep right or left package.

Once we had gotten our backers familiar with the five basic principles, and the specific drop areas they would need to go to for each defense called, we then
introduced to them to the idea of adjusting their individual drops based on pattern recognition. These adjustments would be based on the pass pattern run by a single back coming out to his side, by the pass patterns of two backs releasing to his side and by the coordinated pass patterns run by one back and the tight end.

Finally we would focus our teaching on the proper reaction by a linebacker to a screen to his side or quarterback scramble to his side.

In this Clinic Summary Section, I have given you a quick look at the material which will be developed completely in the Detailed In-Depth Clinic.

Each of the areas in this summary will be fully covered and developed in the In -Depth Clinic material. The bound clinic material that you will receive for your reference library and for your immediate personal use will include diagrams in addition to complete and thorough explanations. The clinic will provide you with new innovative ideas, specific techniques, plans for implementation and valuable insights that will make you a better teacher and coach.

I have designed the clinic to provide you with the information and advantage every football coach is continually seeking, the added edge which can greatly increase your teamís opportunity for Victory.