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"Defending the Wing T"

Ok, lets start this off right and get some people heated up right away. That means you offensive guys, go ahead and blast me and tell me what will not work. The basis of the Wing T is misdirection and try to get you outnumbered on the snap. I mean they will pull both guards,double the DE, fake a dive and QB will boot setting you up for the waggle. So lets see.....Dive, Trap, Buck Sweep, Waggle Pass, and Belly. There are 2 ways to play , let the offense dictate what you are going to do or you can dictate what the offense is able to do. The Wide Seven is just that type of defense. The W7 puts pressure where the Wing T does not want it. The defense neutralizes the guards where they are not successful getting outside. It also applies pressure on the outside so the QB will be getting hit everytime he fakes the waggle. Since he is faking he has the ball, he is live. The reason I am saying this now is I know there will be someone out there saying I am teaching Cheap Shots by telling the Stingers to hit the QB. That is ABSOULTELY FALSE! Those that know me will tell you I live by sportsmanship! Intensity yes! Cheap Shots. No!
Anyway, applying pressure on the outside will not allow the QB to set up on the waggle and it will beat the guards block if they are able to get outside. Think about it, Wing doubles down, Strong Guard kicks out and Quick Guard runs up and seals. What happens if the defensive guy is in the backfield behind the guard? Again, this now does not give the play time to develop and it is the defense dictating to the offense.
By angling the DT's at a 45 degree angle and have them coming off the ball low and hard, many things happen. Also add to this equation a Nose Tackle in the "A" gap to the Tight End Side who is driving into the gap on the snap making a double team necessary or a center All Conference. By using the angles, if the play is coming at the DT, he will collide with the Guard before the Guard can get outside. This makes a big pile! The Backside tackle will now be in the back pocket of the number 2 guard. This puts the DT right in the way of the Dive or running down the LOS for the sweep.
Dive, Trap, Buck Sweep and Waggle Pass all gone! Leaves you the Belly, Stingers have pitch on option so that means QB will have to make some big plays.