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Crossing-Ends Drill

Set Up:
You will need 2 receivers, one safety, QB, and center. Line up the ends in a two tight end set, and let one go eight yards and post inside, while the other posts at six yards.

1.Set up a two tight-end set with the center and quarterback, a safety, and two receivers.
2.Place the safety in normal position 10-12 yards deep.
3.Have the receivers run crossing patterns around 6-8 yards before they break.
4.Give the quarterback a certain time to throw the ball, so the safety can react to both receivers.
5.The safety must give ground and watch the quarterback.

Coaching Points:
Have the safety while making his 3 step drop key both receives, as well as the quarterbacks eyes.

After practicing this drill the safety will be better prepared to cover crossing ends and reading the passer.