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Man For Man Coverage Tips For Drills
1. Total concentration must be on the man you are covering.
2. Always keep the receiver in front of you - Don't get beat deep.
3. Never align or be driven to a head up position.
4. Route recognition - A receiver who is going to run an outside route will generally reduce his split. A receiver who is going to run a route inside will widen his split.
5. When Working drills that talk about stance, always mention butt up and chin in line with the toes. The best possible situation is for the defender to stay in his backpedal as long as possible or until the receiver breaks the cushion which puts him within 3 yards of the defender, when this happens turn and run with receiver.

6. A receiver who is bent over and running with his head down cannot make a sharp cut, until he raises his shoulders and gathers himself under control. Therefore the defender should Focus his attention on the receivers belt buckle and his shoulders.
7. Playing bump and run - Never allow an inside release by the receiver, make the quarterback make the long throw.
Don't get your feet crossed over.
8. If a pass is thrown to your receiver in front of you make all drills attack the up field shoulder. Never go in front of a receiver unless you think you can get both hands on the ball.
9. If the defender gets beat deep, tell him to put his head down and sprint to catch the receiver. Do not look back at the quarterback until you have caught the receiver.
10. As long as the ball is behind the L.O.S. and receivers are downfield, always maintain tight coverage.