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Read & React DB Drill
Set Up:
You will need 4 cones. 2 placed on the LOS (one on each hash mark), the other 2 cones are placed 5 yards apart in center of field and 10 yards downfield. A Coach or QB is positioned on LOS between the two cones. Receivers will form two lines just inside of cones on LOS. A Running Back (RB) will align 5 yards behind coach/QB. The Defensive Back (DB) positioned between cones the two cones that where placed 10 yards downfield.

On the start command:
Receivers - Run streak routes.
Running Back - When receiving handoff, is to break the "plane" between the cones 10 yards downfield.
Quarterback/Coach - Will drop back either handing ball to RB or executing fake and setting up on 5th (or 7th) step and throwing to on of the Receivers.
Defensive Back - begins backpedaling and will read QB. He will attack the RB on handoff executing an open field tackle, or react to QB line of sight sprinting to intercept pass at point of catch.
Coaching Points:
When simulating run support we want the RB tackled before reaching the downfield cones, attack maintaining good base and head up.
When reading pass DB takes crossover step angling to point in front of Receiver, we stress getting up to take ball at highest point.
Improves reaction of secondary personnel while incorporating key phases of position (agility, recognition, coverage, and run support)