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A. A correct tackle incorporates the fundamentals of the following:
1. Approach
2. Contact
3. Finish
B. Tackling Progression:
1. Place yourself in the ideal tackling position (knees bent, back flat, head-up).
2. Contact - the pop is the coordinated skill of making contact in the correct position while rolling the hips, thrusting the arms, and utilizing the power of the legs and lower back.
A. As contact is made thrust arms in an upward motion around the ball carrier.
B. Squeeze and grab cloth.
C. Pull the ball carrier toward you.
3. Finish - the combination of the contact and the leg drive allows the tackler to finish the action by placing the ball carrier on his back. Run through the ball carrier.
4. Approach - once the contact, and the finish have been mastered, the approach must be mastered. As you approach the ball carrier - breakdown - assume a good hitting position, feet chopping, close the distance between you and the ball carrier, concentrate on his belt buckle. Do not absorb the punishment, deliver a blow when you tackle.
5. Do's:
A. Keep your head up.
B. Squeeze and grab cloth.
C. Keep a wide base.
D. Keep your eyes open.
E. Keep your feet except in desperation.