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The Square
Set Up:
Four cones in a square 20 x 20 yards.  All personnel who will be playing the defense back position.  At least two coaches
Starting at one cone in a defense 2 point fit position.  start  a back pedal toward the next cone staying in a straight line by focusing on a point in front of you or following a line.  Once the next cone is reached cariaco over to the next cone. (speed not important but good body position and feet movement is). at the next cone sprint forward to the next cone a then use a sliding shuffle across to the beginning cone.   Run this three times in each direction.
Coaching Points:
Watch to make sure they stay in a defensive crouch or fit position, good arm movement for the backpedal,  good cross over form for the carioca with the feet. do not over shoot on the sprint before starting the last phase.  good shuffle with feet and hands always in a good defense position.  Shoulders should always remain parallel to the direction that they started from i.e. line  of scrimmage.
this is a good drill to use as a contest later in season when practice becomes a little routine by timing them against each other but making sure they always use good form.
Teach DB's and LB's to back up for pass defense, sprint forward for run defense and linebackers for scraping drill.  and teaches to keep shoulders parallel to line of scrimmage. good coordination drill