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Bulldog Drill

Set Up:
You'll need two players for the basic drill, adding more as the drill focus changes. Two cones will usually do it, unless you want a running lane when you drill LB's & RB's. Two players lie on their backs, helmet to helmet between the cones. If you drew a line between the cones, it would pass through the point where their helmets meet.
At the whistle, the players must get up, turn around, and execute an effective hit on the other. Depending on the positions drilled, the player must block, shed a block, evade a tackle while staying between the cones, whatever. A ball can be used for running backs. Sometimes they won't know who'll get the ball 'till I toss it into their belly while blowing the whistle!
Coaching Points:
Emphasize reaction to the whistle. Remember, they can't see each other initially, so they must look over their at the start of their shoulder roll to an "all fours position", pushing up with their hands and stepping up to a "one knee position". Now they have the earliest opportunity to make a play. If there is time, they can get their feet.

The drill develops a sense of urgency, since they're vulnerable if they 're slow getting up. It teaches them they can make a play after they've been knocked down. This drill is especially beneficial to D-lineman.  Little guys love it, big-uns hate it, but don't want to get blasted by a little guy, keeping them hungry and involved.