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Funnel Drill
Set Up:
To run this drill you need 2 stand up bags and 4 cones. The bags should be laid down about 1.5 yards apart. Place two cones at the end of the lane you have created 5 yards away and about 3-4 yards apart. Five yards farther down place the remaining 2 cones about 7 to 8 yards apart. The shape will resemble a funnel.
Place O-Lineman in the lane between the bags facing the cones. Next place a defensive lineman across from him. At the first set of cones place a wide receiver facing a defensive back. Next have a center snap to the QB and have him hand the ball off to a running back who will try to follow his lineman and wide receiver’s block to get out of the funnel.
We make the drill competitive by making the offensive team do up-downs if they do not score, which is past the second set of cones. If the defensive back and defensive lineman give up the score they have the up-downs.
We will move players from their "O" position to their "D" position and then out. We don't have them do up downs until they are totally out of the drill.
Coaching Points:
We gather the team around and run this drill. It's one of the best drills I have ever used. Wide receivers learn how to stalk block with the O-Lineman learning to drive-run block in the same drill. The running backs learn to read blocks, accelerate through the hole and finish a run. The D-Lineman must stop the charge of OL, shed the block and make the tackle while the defensive back try's to stuff the wide receiver back into the narrow part of the funnel and make the tackle. Our team looks forward to this drill as much as the coaches because the "O" and "D" coaches are coaching there respective sides of the ball and hate to have the other sides players win in the drill.
This drill makes a great learning situation very competitive. It works allot of positions at the same time but all in a game like conditions. If you like to see your players in a competitive situation for evaluation, or just plain learning, this is a great drill. If you would like more information please email me.