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Pursuit Drill
Set Up:
Equipment needed: Cones to simulate offensive line splits, A football, Players to run the tailback and quarterback position.
Defense will line up in their designated positions. The QB will toss the ball to the TB in the direction the coach designates. The down linemen will all do an up-down before pursuing the TB, this is to ensure that the TB gets out at full speed.
All defensive players will pursue TB with the correct angle of pursuit and touch the TB with both hands. After touching the TB, the player will turn around and footfire in place until each player has touched the TB (the TB keeps running at full speed until all player touch him). The coach will then look at the angles of pursuit. The coach then blows the whistle and the defense sprints back to the huddle.
Coaching Points:
Keep head upfield, Do not follow teammates, get a good angle, Hustle, Hustle, Hustle!!!
To teach proper angles of pursuit and hustle while pursuing a ball carrier.