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Stick Alley
Set Up:
You will need 5 cones placed 10 yards apart and the rest of the team in a single file line at the first cone.

Take 3 players and place them beside the 3 middle cones, the rest of the team lines up single file at the 1st cone,  the 1st player (with the ball) on the whistle must attack the player at the 2nd cone, stop at the whistle get up return to the 2nd cone, repeat this until the player is through the 4th cone, when he returns to the 4th cone he must sprint through the 5th cone and be ready to come back through stick alley, once he/she  is finished, everyone moves to a new location, the player at the third cone goes to the back of the line and the player running the ball becomes the player at the 2nd cone
Coaching Points:
1. 5 players are involved in this drill at one time
2.  this is a drill for both defensive and offensive coaches to evaluate who can run and tackle
3.  when the runners come back through stick alley you can see who can run when there tired
4.  most tendencies for the runners is they fumble when tired or don't drive there feet
5. most tacklers are to high
This drill gives players a sample of what it feels like to play tired, to explode on the whistle, jump on a ball when fumbled, to drive there feet, to cover up the ball when running through a crowd, to be hit hard and have to get up and keep on playing.   I noticed after running this drill, the players seemed better prepared when they are in a game, I have seen many of my players get hit hard and pop right back up or avoid a hard hit all together and  I think it helps prevent injuries