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In order to attain that status, you first must accomplish two things:
1. Stop the running game and force your opponents to throw when you want them to throw.
2. Harass the quarterback by:
A. Sacking him.
B. Pressuring him.
C. Flushing him from the pocket.
D. Forcing him to pull the ball down.
E. Taking away the inside throwing lanes.
F. Squeezing the pocket and getting into the quarterback's face.
G. Forcing the quarterback to throw a high trajectory ball.
H. Knocking down the ball.
I. Causing interceptions.

To attain your goals as a defensive line you must beat your opponent in the following ways:
1. Physical condition.
2. Desire.
3. Aggressiveness.
4. Attitude.
5. Preparedness.
6. Hard work.

Basic Rules For Defensive Line Play:

Run RulesPass Rules
1. Hit Hard1. Get Off
2. Stay Low2. Grab Cloth
3. Pursue3. Feet Moving