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Control, Read & React
Set Up:
You will need 3 cones in a triangle about 10 yards apart. Personnel: You will need 1 offensive linemen, 1 defensive linemen and 1 running back.
On the whistle, the offensive and defensive linemen will make contact, while the RB will run to one of the cones. The defensive linemen will read and react to the direction of the ball carrier. Once he has his read the defensive linemen will shed the OL and make the play before the running back reaches the L.O.S.

Coaching Points:
Make sure the defensive linemen keeps hips and shoulders square to the LOS. Also teach defensive linemen to extend arms to keep the OL off of his body. This drill is run at full speed.
The will help the defensive linemen to read and react while contact is made. This will also decrease reaction time and increase aggressiveness.