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Dummy Tackling Circuit
Set Up:
You can break this drill down or add to it depending upon your resources. You will need 9 step over dummies,  three stand-up dummies, three footballs(optional), three cones and a coach at each of three stations or more or less depending upon your needs.
Divide the team into three (or more or less) groups. Each group will form a single line in front of each station. When the beginning whistle sounds the first member of each will execute the necessary skills to attack the stand-up dummy using the proper tackling technique. After the first man gets up and re-sets the dummy (assisted by the station coach) the next man automatically starts his run. Upon completion of his rep each man will go to the next station. The cones will mark the starting position at each station. The drill will continue without a break for five, ten or fifteen minutes, at your discretion. The first station will have a five yard sprint up to three stacked step over dummies. The player will dive over the stack and make contact with the stand-up dummy on the fly using the proper upper body posture and contact points,(head up and to the side, breast plate making contact and arms wrapped around dummy). He then gets up and re-sets the dummy and continues to the next station.
The next station has a five yard approach with three step over dummies placed 1 to 2 yards apart with a stand-up about 3 yards from the last step over. The same skills will be implemented with the addition of the lower body skills being added, (good hitting position, square to the target and get under the target area). The third station will see the player use back-peddle and sprint moves to get to the target. Place step over side by side with a two yard separation creating two alleys between the three dummies. Start at the top side of dummy #1 and back peddle to the end of it, then sprint through the alley to the top of dummy #2 and back peddle through the alley  around the second dummy and sprint to the target set up at the top back side of dummy #3. Again execute the proper form when attacking the dummy. The footballs can be added to each station or just one as a fumble recovery addition to the drill.
Coaching Points:
Keep the lines moving as rapidly as possible and make allot of positive noise." Get their blood pumping". concentrate on their form as the approach and then as they make contact. Make form corrections on the fly. Get in as many reps as possible.
Safe and affective tackling. We are loosing too many players to other sports because of the fear of injury by them and mostly their parents or guardians. We need to do all that we can to ensure that this trend stops, while maintaining a high level of competition.