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1. Stance - A defensive lineman must have good body position with proper weight distribution in order to be able to move instantaneous with either the snap of the ball or movement of an offensive lineman.
2. Ability To Align Properly - Exact alignment according to the defense called is essential. Each defense called will dictate alignment.
3. Movement - The ability to move instantly on the snap of the ball or movement of an offensive blocker is key, in order that he may contact the blocker or penetrate the line of scrimmage as fast as possible.
4. Deliver The Blow - The ability to attack the blocker by neutralizing the power of his block or by delivering a blow in such a manner that he defeats the block or gains position on the blocker is key.
5. Reaction - The ability to read one - on - one blocks or blocking combinations that tell you what type of run or pass while on the move and then putting into effect the proper escape technique is most important.
6. Run - If a defensive lineman reads run and he is at the point of attack, defeat the blocker and make the tackle. If you are not at the point of attack, take the proper pursuit angle to intercept the ball carrier. Remember, when conducting your drills, talk the shoulders this is a key point; Always keep your shoulders parallel or square to the L.O.S. when playing the run.
7. Pass - If you read pass, always have a pass rush move in mind. When reading pass always get your shoulders out of parallel with the blocker.