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Purpose: To develop body balance, agility and to teach how to fall and regain your feet while getting back into an upright position.
Procedure: Defensive linemen start from a stance, they then literally roll into the drill rather than diving into it initially. The initial shock is taken by the hands as the palms are placed on the ground. The chin is tucked forward on the breastbone as the player buckles his body and brings his knees into his chest. As the elbows bend, cushioning the impact with the ground, the weight is caught on the shoulder blades at the base of the neck and transferred downward to the buttocks as the player rolls. The defensive player then grasps both ankles and gives an additional tuck and pull to create the necessary momentum to pull himself up onto his feet into a good football position. Repeat
Coaching Points: Stress low center of gravity and proper landing on the ground.