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Jet or speed moves usually occur with pass situations, when no run responsibility exists and designed to out run the blocker who sets inside to much, has slow footwork or crosses over to engage the rusher.
Designing Your Technique For This Drill:
a. It is to your advantage to widen the alignment of the defender slightly and drive directly upfield to avoid immediate contact with the blocker. Have the defender sprint to a predetermined point and attempt to defeat your opponent's poor footwork and quickness.
b. The key is to get the blocker running upfield so he attempts to push you past the quarterback, get his weight shifted out past his base, this makes him very susceptible to an inside move. Align in a 3 point stance with the majority of the weight on the down hand.
c. Feet should be staggered but not to the extent that you can't gain ground on your first step. A quick head fake inside on the initial move is often effective.
d. Base should be narrow. Hips should be higher than your shoulders with your eyes fixed on the pressure point. Crash outside shoulder so blocker must compensate with body weight.
1. Drive the inside shoulder through blockers outside shoulder. Take all the ball you can and still be able to read your keys. Eliminate all false steps or wasted movement
2. Deliver hard inside hand shiver to chest and outside hand to blockers outside shoulder, then slip outside hand to back of jersey and grab cloth.
e. Drive upfield forcing your weight back towards the quarterback in a pinching manner.
f. Escape
1. Pull outside shoulder forward. Bring inside arm over in a swim motion.
2. Rip through with inside arm and continue inward pressure to quarterback, through inside arm to the sky.