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1. Pass Rush Philosophy
A. Drills that put pressure on passer with spirit and aggressiveness.
B. Characteristics to look for in a good passer rusher are drive, determination, dedication.
C. Pressure on the quarterback will result in the following:
1. Squeeze the quarterback's area of operation.
2. Drills that force the quarterback closer to another rusher.
3. Pressure will not give the quarterback time to locate his second receiver.
4. Pressure will force the quarterback out of his throwing area.
5. Pressure will force the quarterback to run.
6. Pressure will force the quarterback to throw on the run.
7. Pressure will throw quarterback for a loss.
8. Pressure causes fumbles.
9. Pressure causes the quarterback to loss confidence in his protection.
D. Getting Your Hands Up Will Result In The Following:
1. Divert the quarterback's attention.
2. Knock the ball down.
3. Tip ball for interception.
4. Force a bad throw.
E. Five Basic Principles for pass rush drills:
A. Five basic principles to remember when conducting pass rush drills that your defensive line should master.
1. Close the gap on offensive lineman as fast as possible.
2. Find the handle for inside hand control.
3. Destroy the blocker's balance.
4. Escape off the blocker's butt.
5. Accelerate to the quarterback.