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Bull In The Ring

Number your players from 1 to what ever you have. Have them form a circle and you choose one to be in the middle. At the coaches command all the players run in place. Then, the coach calls out a number, the player that is that number sprints to the center at the player in the middle. The player in the center must stand his ground.
  I've never had a player hurt doing this drill but there has been some bells rung.
  In the diagram I have only five players, use as many as you want. The thing to remember is the bigger the ring, players get more of a run a the bull.

Coaching Points
1. Make sure all players keep their heads up and use proper form techniques
2. Keep an eye on the Bull ( player in the center) for any signs of having his bell rung.
3. Stress full speed and explosion though the bull.

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