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Hat on the Dummy Drill
Set Up:
You will need all 5 interior offensive linemen, defensive front 7 including down linemen and linebackers, 1 heavy blocking/tackling bag, 1 cone and 1 football.
Set offensive line at LOS with heavy bag positioned at 5 or 7 step QB distance behind center. Place cone on top of bag just for fun.
Set defensive front 7 at LOS in their usual alignments.

Indicate to the offense and defense which side of the offense is to be viewed as the Strong Side of the offensive formation. (This is for the benefit of the defense blitzing Sam or Willy)
On coaches cadence and snap count, center snaps ball out of the way and drill begins at full speed with offensive line dropping for pass protection. Defensive front applies pass rush attempting to tackle heavy bag or retrieve cone within 5 seconds of the snap.
Defense is permitted to run any of its scripted blitz schemes but must be encouraged not to recklessly rush all 7 men just to defeat the offensive line. This drill is intended to be productive for both the offense and defense at LOS. Coach blows whistle 5 seconds after snap ending the drill if defense has not sacked QB (bag).
Repeat drill moving bag to different pocket locations and changing defensive front to give different looks for the offensive line. Offensive line must protect the QB for 5 seconds while defensive front must apply aggressive pass rush to sack QB within 5 seconds. Add 1 RB to backfield to improve pass protection once blitz schemes start to dominate O-Line.
Coaching Points:
1) Make sure O-Line protect inside lanes first
2) Coach O-Line to keep heads up looking for the blitz
3) Check proper pass drop and contact techniques for O-Line
4) Make sure defensive down linemen use varying techniques - bull, swim, rip, stunt.
5) Make sure linebackers do not hesitate when their number comes up for scripted blitz

1) Improve 5 man line dynamic coordination in pass blocking
2) Improve pass pocket formation and protection.
3) Improve timing of scripted blitzes against an offensive line.
4) Improve offensive reaction to blitzes.
5)Teaches the O-Line to work together in dynamic situations and provides fast repetitions while giving the defense front 7 pass rush and scripted blitz practice at the same time.

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