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Hot Potato Drill
Players make a circle. You will need at least 5 and as many as 10 players. The players throw the ball to each other and try to make very catchable throws. The players must catch the ball and throw it to another player as quickly as possible.
This drill will develop eye--hand coordination. Teaches players to concentrate and keep their eye on the ball.
Coaching Points:
If a player drops the ball he will drop and do 10 push-ups as soon as he is done he re-joins the circle, if it was a bad throw the player still does the push-ups, this will promote team accountability. Encourage the players to look at one player and throw to another. Continue to tell players they must concentrate on the ball and to be in a ready position so they can move their feet, player should always go for anything thrown in their direction. Make the drill fun, allow the players to get fancy with the ball (throw from behind their back or between their legs), if a player drops the ball and must do push-ups joke about it. Catch phrase: "Look the ball all the way into your hands".

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