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One on One Pass Protection Drill

Set Up:
1.One dummy or other tall object (e.g. chair, step ladder, pole)
2.Two players (defensive and offensive lineman)
3.Mark an area of about 3 yards in width and 5 yards in length
4.Place the object at the end of the five yard area


Have the O-Lineman get in a three point stance at the beginning of the 5 yard strip (opposite to end of pole).  Have the D-Lineman in a four point stance app. 1 yard in front of the offensive lineman.  As soon as the O-lineman moves the D-Lineman will rush the quarterback (object) staying within the 3 yard wide boundary.  The O-Lineman must attempt to block him as long as possible.  After about ten seconds or if the D-Lineman touches the object the play is over. 

Coaching Points:

Watch for good pass blocking technique (but low, knees bent, short choppy steps)

To practice pass rushing and blocking with a limited amount of equipment and personnel.

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