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Read the Numbers Drill
To run this drill you will need the follow personnel: Receivers, Quarterbacks, Receiver Coach and a QB Coach. Also the following equipment: Cones, and 2 footballs--one with odd numbers on one end and letters on the other end (shown below) and the other football with even numbers and letters. This should start in it's most fundamental form and will progress as the players increase their ability.
Step #1 -- Receiver stands 15 yards away from the QB. The QB throws the ball to the receiver, as the receiver catches the ball he yells out the first number or letter he can see.
Step #2 -- Receiver stand 15 yard away from the QB facing away from him. The Receiver will turn and run toward the QB, but not before the Coaches command to do so (Coach should give the "HIT" command just as the QB has completed his drop back and is releasing the ball). The QB throws the ball at the Receiver, as the receiver catches the ball he yells out the first number or letter he can see.
Step #3 -- Now the receivers will run a curl route and the QB will sprint out. Receivers will start at their norm position in relation to the QB. Cones are placed in the proper location to indicate how deep to run the curl route. After the receiver catches the ball he yells the number or letter and then tucks the ball away and sprints upfield for 5-10 yards.

To teach Receivers to keep their eye's on the ball, proper catching technique and how to spin away from a would be tackler. Also to teach QB's the proper grip and throwing technique.
Coaching Points:
WRIf ball is caught above the waist the receivers thumbs should be pointed down and the two thumbs as well as the two index fingers should be together forming a pocket to catch the ball. If the ball is caught below the waist thumbs are up and the pinkies are together forming a soft pocket for the football.  After catching the ball (Step #3) the Receiver must turn upfield. If receiver is turning upfield toward the sideline then he should pivot on the foot closest to the sideline, bringing the far foot all the way around till he is facing the goal line.
QBIf right handed--left toe should point at target, Coach should make sure that the ball of the foot touches ground before the heel to ensure that QB is not over-striding. Ball should be thrown firmly. QB right elbow must come thru before the ball. Check for Quarterback proper grip of the football. The receiver should not see the QB's release, if he does the QB must throw sooner.

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