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The main job of the line in passing situations is to protect the quarterback. The line must give the quarterback time to complete the pass and with out obstruction.
  The line must never show pass by leaning back on their heels or showing anything different from a run block.
  Pass blocking technique can be broken down into 5 phases:
1. Pre-snap read
2. set up
3. Punch
4. form to fit( or body position)
5. The finish
    The line must know where the QB is setting up and his job for each defensive formation. If the defense is showing blitz, he should know his blitz pick-up responsibilities.
  The Goal of the set up is for the line to position themselves between the rusher and the QB as quickly as possible and as close to the L.O.S  as possible. Getting there and then maintaining proper foot, body, and head position is the basis for getting the job done. The line should get from a three point to a two point stance as quickly as possible. The lineman should have his knees bent, arch his back, keep his head up and arms ready for the punch.
  Have the lineman use the butt of his hands, elbows bent and aim for the base of the numbers on their jersey. Punch on the rise, working up through the man and work for a lock out position.
Always fight pressure with pressure and always keep between the rusher and the QB. The ability to move back as well as laterally is critical in pass blocking.
( punch drill )
  I like to use a 17lb medicine ball and have two lineman face to face, about three yards apart. Have one throw the ball at the guard. using the punch technique he must explode and punch the ball with the butt of his hands.
  I use the term " form to fit" so my line will use whatever it takes to win. Any form goes, just don't get beat. The lineman must stay low and keep his weight forward. Slide and shuffle his feet quickly without crossing over.
(Form to Fit Drill)
  The defensive man aligns in a challenge position with his hands grabbing the shoulders of the blocker. The blocker assumes the proper lock out position. Align a cone in the backfield representing the QB drop. On the coach's command, the blocker shuffles his feet, maintaining an inside position as the defender move side to side and toward the QB. If the blocker can keep him under control for 5 seconds or longer he wins. Also if does get beat, make sure he doesn't quit.
  Most passing plays require protection for about 4 seconds. Sometimes, breakdowns within the offense may require more time. Lineman must accept the responsibility of providing whatever time necessary to get the pass off. He must never quit, and play to the whistle.
Pass Pocket.
  The number one rule is NO ONE UP THE MIDDLE! The pocket must never explode but rather implode so, if needed the QB can take the middle with guards blocking.
O   X   O
O                 O
The QB must be able to stay in the pocket, if its a bootleg the line must know where the QB is setting up for the pass and have the pocket in that location.

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