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Tennis Balls Drill
Blocking Linebackers
General Information:
I'm the Head Football Coach at Grayslake High School in Illinois. We are a multiple formation pro style offense and a 4-3 defense..

Set Up:
All offensive lineman (including TE)
1 Tennis Ball
3 to 4 offensive lineman line up 4 yards apart with a defender with a shield in a LB position 4 yards of the LOS.
Coach stands behind offensive line either to the right or to the left.

The coach will roll the tennis ball either hard or soft to the right or to the left. The tennis ball is the ball carrier. The LB'rs MUST react and attempt to get to the tennis ball while its on its path. The offensive line takes their step towards the LB'r  and meet him at the point in which the LB attacks the ball.
Coaching Points:
Tell the offensive line which way you are rolling the ball. Tell the offensive line to "Step on the LB'rs toes" so that they don't throw their block too early. Alternate between an Iso, sweep or zone play when rolling the ball.
Don't stop blocking until the echo of the whistle.
To teach offensive lineman the proper angle to take when blocking LB'rs and to help them be more effective delivering a blow when the

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