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Eliminate False Steps & Guessing
Set Up:
You will need a minimum of two linebackers.  If you have more just have them pair up.  You will need to paint a square box about the size of an offensive lineman's stance on your practice area.  Now place your feet on the  bottom line that you just painted.  Paint the number one outside of the bottom right corner of the square so that when you step with your right foot you will take a lateral step onto the number one.  Paint the number two outside of the box in the top right corner so that when you step it makes you step at an angle with your right foot on to the number two.  Paint the number three  along the top line of the box.  When you step towards the number three this will represent a base block from the offensive lineman.   Paint a number 4 in the top left corner outside of the box so you can step toward it with your left foot.  Paint a number 5 outside the bottom left corner of the box so that when you step you take a lateral step on to the number 5.

Now you have set up the drill.  The more boxes you have the quicker you can get your linebackers through this drill.
Now have your linebackers pair up and place one in the box and the other at five yards directly across from him.  The coach will stand behind the linebackers that are not in the box.  The player in the box represents an offensive lineman.   The linebacker is now about to read his block.

The coach behind the reading linebackers that are not in the box will hold up a number of one through five so that only the players in the box can see.  For example,  the coach will hold up the number 3 (three fingers,  cards are to much trouble) then the coach will give a snap count and the players in the box will run through the number three.   The number three should send the player in the box directly to the reading linebacker.  This block represents a base block by the offensive lineman. The linebacker should hit and stuff the lineman back in the hole,  thus playing off the base block.  If the box player steps to the numbers one or five this represents a pull by an offensive lineman.  The linebacker should then rip across the face of the pulling  lineman at a downhill angle,  thus beating the block and getting to the play.  If the box player steps to the number two or four this represents a cut off block or it can represent a double team.  Make the box player stop on the number if it is a double team and allow the linebacker to fill the hole.  If the box player is performing a cut off block allow the linebacker to rip across the face of the lineman performing the cut off block,  thus allowing the linebacker to beat the block and make the play.
Coaching Points:
Players usually tend to want to take false steps or guess their reads.   This drill will eliminate false steps and guessing.
This drill is good to run because it eliminates false steps and guessing at where they are supposed to go when the ball is snapped.  It also gets the linebacker in position to make a tackle at the line of scrimmage instead of five yards down the field.