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Butt, Bench & Fury
Set Up:
Equipment Needed: One football, four cones, one coach and at least three players. Place 4 cones in a diamond five yards around.
A line of defenders at one cone. Two offenders at the opposite cone. On first whistle, First offender attacks defender square. Defender takes on block square, benches off, and controls blocker. Second whistle, the second offender, with ball, runs to one cone designated by the coach. Defender, sheds blocker opposite and makes a form tackle.

Coaching Points:
Blocker and defender meet square, Face to Face. Great collision. Ball carrier runs inside the cone, not around it. Very controlled drill. Should be taught at 3/4 speed.
Teaches form collisions (i.e. head-up, and bench.) Also, teaches defender to look through the blocker at ball while shedding the block.