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Set Up:
Divide  up into groups of at least 5 or 6 players.  2 cones placed 3-4 yards apart.  The groups get into a single file line behind the first cone with the first player coming out 3-4 yards and turning his back to the line at the second cone.  We have run it different ways. A ball for each group or run one line at a time. 
With the 1st player out and with his back to the line the coach places the ball with one of the players in line.  On command, the 1st player turns back around facing the line of players hitting and hunting for the ball.  Each of the players in line come one at a time, but only allow the guy out front enough time to get back to his break down position on a good shed.  If he is getting blown away, finish him off.  The player out front finishes the drill by tackling the ball carrier.     Everyone rotates forward with the guy out front going to the end of the line. 
Coaching Points:
The man out front is to neutralize and redirect the blocker's force without giving up any ground.  He should be attacking back toward the line and not waiting to be hit.   All players should keep their shoulders square and should be bending at their knees and not their backs when making contact. This is not a blocking drill, you get one pop so make it count.  Some players have the tendency to just lay their shoulders into the man out front and not deliver a blow.  I want PAN CAKES not patty cakes!!!
This drill teaches players how to drop their shoulders using their knees.   Getting them in a position to deliver a blow and the reps that they need to get the timing down.  This is the most powerful action in football and is used in tackling, shedding, blocking, and even running the ball.  I've had kids turn into football players with this drill.  This drill also shows me who my studs are.  Intensity increases each time you run this drill.