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Hide and Seek Drill
Set Up:
You can run this drill with a pair of players at one time.
Equipment: 2 inflatable blocking dummies, preferably 6 ft. with a pair of cones or markers.
Dummies need to be side by side and cones should be set at 3 yards in front of and behind dummies as starting points.
Players should be lined up on opposite sides of the dummies with one line being the ball carrier (BC) and the other the LB.
On coaches command the BC should run directly to the dummies and break right or left sharply. The LB should take one read step and position himself for a good form tackle.

Coaching Points:
·Read and react
·No "bucket" steps
·Scrape downhill
·Get in a hitting position and get the face across the bow
The purpose of this drill is to improve reaction time and prevent LB's from taking a false step off their read. It will also teach LB's to scrape downhill into the LOS faster.
This drill is a excellent combination drill to teach reaction, footwork, and form tackling. I have used this drill for ten years and seen other variations of it run. It will help develop successful LB's at any level.