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Improve LB Reads & Recognition
Set Up:
You will need one LB, and one offensive lineman facing each other four yards apart.  They will be placed in the middle of two cones set ten yards apart on a yard line with the offensive lineman in  his stance on the line and the LB 4 yards away, directly in front of him.  This drill is to conducted in full pads or shoulder pads and helmet.
On the whistle, the offensive lineman will execute one of  six critical steps a LB must identify
1.straight drive block
2.reach block right or left
3.pull wide right or left
4.pass set
Upon the movement the LB will react accordingly with either a 3 point jam (heels of palms and facemask)  on the blocker, a shuffle of one step and a forearm shiver keeping his outside gap arm free on the reach blocks, a shuffle to the cone and forearm shiver on the pulling lineman or he will execute his assigned pass drop if the lineman pass sets.
The coach will stand behind the LB and point to the block he wants the OL to attempt.
Coaching Points:
1.Make sure the LB takes on the drive block with his hands , tail low and delivers a good hand shiver with proper technique. 
2.Make sure the LB shuffles, keeping his feet under his armpits and shoulders square to the LOS before he attacks the blocker.
3.Stress that the LB does not cross his feet and that most importantly he ATTACKS the blocker.  Linebackers that take a backwards step or is passive, gets blocked!
This drill will improve  LB reads and recognition of blocking steps and schemes.   Also, the goal is to perfect the shuffle technique, staying square to the LOS and taking on and defeating a block.