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Knee Drill
Set Up:
We use a ball for movement instead of snap count.  We kneel inside our chute.
Players pair up with strength and size be compatible.  The defender kneels down on one knee with his head one foot behind the end of the chute.  Head bowed up.   The offensive player stand immediately in front of the defender outside the chute. On the movement of the ball the defender steps, fires, up and locks hand around the offensive player with head to the side of down knee.  ONLY one step is used

The coach behind the reading linebackers that are not in the box will hold up a number of one through five so that only the players in the box can see.  For example,  the coach will hold up the number 3 (three fingers,  cards are to much trouble) then the coach will give a snap count and the players in the box will run through the number three.   The number three should send the player in the box directly to the reading linebacker.  This block represents a base block by the offensive lineman. The linebacker should hit and stuff the lineman back in the hole,  thus playing off the base block.  If the box player steps to the numbers one or five this represents a pull by an offensive lineman.  The linebacker should then rip across the face of the pulling  lineman at a downhill angle,  thus beating the block and getting to the play.  If the box player steps to the number two or four this represents a cut off block or it can represent a double team.  Make the box player stop on the number if it is a double team and allow the linebacker to fill the hole.  If the box player is performing a cut off block allow the linebacker to rip across the face of the lineman performing the cut off block,  thus allowing the linebacker to beat the block and make the play.

Coaching Points:
Make sure the defender use hips and legs to fire up and through the offensive player
using only one step.  Lock up instead of wrap up.  Drive facemask up toward the armpit but
aiming at the hip of the offender on the side that you are stepping with.
Players have a tendency to dive forward instead of driving hips up and forward.   Again, ONLY ONE
STEP.  (the offensive player should topple)
This drill teaches the fundamentals of the hip drive associated with tackling.   Do this every day to emphasize the thrusting and firing of the hips in tackling.   Make sure the defender has head up and locks up the offender.