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Outside flow progression
Set Up:
For this drill, you will need 4 offensive players, 2 defensive players, a ball, 2 shields, and 3 cones.
Place 2 cones where the centers feet would be. Place the third cone where the inside leg of the TE would be.
Place one player with a shield where the OT would be and one player with a shield where the Center would be.
Place the two remaining offensive players in I formation.
Place the two ILB's at 5 yards depth from where the the OG's would be.
On the whistle, the offensive lineman will execute one of  six critical steps a LB must identify
1.straight drive block
2.reach block right or left
3.pull wide right or left
4.pass set
Upon the movement the LB will react accordingly with either a 3 point jam (heels of palms and facemask)  on the blocker, a shuffle of one step and a forearm shiver keeping his outside gap arm free on the reach blocks, a shuffle to the cone and forearm shiver on the pulling lineman or he will execute his assigned pass drop if the lineman pass sets.
The coach will stand behind the LB and point to the block he wants the OL to attempt.
Coaching Points:
On the coaches command, the backs will release on an off-tackle track. The ILB's will begin their flow in the direction of the backs.The players with the shields will come down to block the ILB's on their path (OT on playside ILB; Center on backside ILB)
The ILB's will attack the blockers, clear their hips, throw the blockers, and execute an inside out tackle on the ball carrier.
1.Ensure the ILB's are stepping in the correct direction based on the FB's initial step.( If you are a team that reads OG's, simply add two players as the guards and have them take a step in the direction of the play so that the ILB's can get an initial direction to flow.
2.Ensure the ILB's are attacking the blockers with their chest/face and separating the blockers from their bodies.
3.Ensure that once the ILB's have separated the blockers from their bodies they clear their hips (in the direction of the ball carrier) and then throw the blocker.
4.Ensure that once the ILB's have cleared the blockers that they maintain an inside out relationship with the ball carrier.
Common Mistakes made by the ILB's
1.They will step in the wrong direction of the key given.
2.They will try to avoid contact with the blocker which takes them out of the proper pursuit angle.
3.They will not separate from the blocker which ties them up.
4.They will over run the ball carrier.

1.It teaches the ILB's to read their key to get an initial direction of which way the play is going.
2.It teaches them the proper fundamentals of taking on a down block (playside) and cut off block (backside).
3.It teaches the ILB's to keep an inside out relationship with the ball carrier on outside flow plays.