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3 Man Shed Drill
I currently coach at Candor Central High School in upstate NY.  As defensive coordinator the past three years we have run an attacking 5-3 defense. We may change this year based on personnel.  This is a drill that we run every day that we have an individual period with linebackers and defensive ends.
Set Up:
You will need at least 4 players to run this drill.  You will also need three blocking shields and a coach. The coach stands behind the linebacker with three offensive players with shields standing 2 feet apart side by side facing him.

On the whistle the linebacker chops his feet.  The coach then points to one of the offensive players facing the line backer.  That player will come forward and deliver a blow with the blocking shield.  The linebacker will recognize the movement and react by moving forward and delivering a forearm shiver and keeping his inside arm free.  If the center man attacks the linebacker will use a two hand shiver technique keeping the blocker off of his body.  After the blow has been delivered both players will pop back to position and the coach will point to another player.   This drill is run at a rapid pace. 
Coaching Points:
There are three main coahing points to this drill:
1.Players must get the big picture and not focus on one player.  If he see only the ball carrier he may get picked off by a blocker on his way to the ball.
2.Use proper technique depending on the block.
3.Reation must be as quick as possible.   The LB must meet the blocker before he gets to the optimal position
This drill will help your LBs develope better vision and take on blocks properly.  By developing these skills the player will be in better position more often and have the opportunity to find the ball carrier.  That is all we can do as coaches besides stunt and try to teach them to tackle.