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There can be no doubt about the importance of having a productive ìRed Areaî attack. Every time your offense has the ball in this area of the field, you want to make certain that you come away with some points. This was so important that we felt we had to spend sometime each day working on only our attack in this area of the field.


Prior to actually deciding on which passes and runs we would feature in this area of the field, we set down five principles that we thought were important for us to consider and emphasize to our team.

1. We allowed our red area to expand and contract based upon the range of our field goal kicker. Initially, we would begin the red area on our opponentís 25 yard line and it would continue to our opponentís 7 yard line.

2. Everyone involved with the offense in this area of the field must be alert for and expect some form of blitz. This was especially true if we met an opponent who featured any form of safety or overload blitz package in the red area.

3. Consideration must be given to evaluating the possibility of throwing the ball into the end zone on first down if the defense has a tendency and presents an eight or nine man front to stop the run.

4. Generating a score of some type must be the number one priority for everyone connected with the offense.

5. Plays of any type which result in a loss, penalties and turnovers must be eliminated in this area of the field and must be continually emphasized in a positive coaching fashion.


One thing we always wanted in our passing attack design was the built in ability to go to the end zone if the opportunity presented itself. The quarterback and receivers were instructed each week on which defense we felt presented the best opportunity for us to score quickly.

Our first down passing attack featured more inside seam passing than deep passes to the outside receivers. If we had an offensive back or wide receiver who possessed passing skills, first down always included a run pass or a reverse pass in our offense.

Either by using a ìbunchî type of formation or outside - in motion, we wanted to narrow the field prior to the snap and force the defensive secondary to cover width as well as depth and allow us to quickly transverse the field with our best receivers.

This is the area of the field where we would use any one of a number of special screens which were designed to take advantage of the defensive tendencies.

Our third down passing attack used multiple wide receiver sets and featured crossing, rub and in/out patterns designed to make the first down. Shot gun formation was considered with the quarterback draw always an option based on the coverage.


In this area of the field there was never any doubt that we would feature only our most successful running plays. Each of our running backs were instructed to run for first downs, drive for the goal line and let the touchdowns take care of themselves.

The closer we got to our opponents goal line the more we wanted our offensive team, and especially our offensive line, to expect a blitz. We wanted all blocking in this area to be clearly defined and completed without hesitation.

We always featured variations of the two tight end personnel sets and used motion to disrupt the normal run force action by the defense.

Our offensive attack in this area of the field was always one where we continually tried to cut down on our offensive options. We wanted to make certain that the plays we selected were the very best, were practiced correctly over and over again and that every member of the offensive team was completely clear on their assignment on every play.

Our In Depth Clinic ìGoing In-Red Area Attack - Twenty-five to Seven Yard Lineî will discuss in detail with diagrams each one of the topics that I have outlined in this summary. I hope this summary gives you a good feeling and insight into the written text and diagrams which will be included in the detailed In- Depth Clinic material.
Each of the areas in this summary will be fully covered and developed in the In -Depth Clinic material. The bound clinic material that you will receive for your reference library and for your immediate personal use will include diagrams in addition to complete and thorough explanations. The clinic will provide you with new innovative ideas, specific techniques, plans for implementation and valuable insights that will make you a better teacher and coach.