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Chute Drills
Set Up:
A chute, and bags
1st- place boards in front of chute and have them run through forward and pulling from each side for a warm-up
2nd-place bags in front of lineman in the chute. have them take their first explosion steps and get back into stance. repeat this about 10x with each group. works on explosion and stamina to keep lineman still exploding even when they are tired.
3rd-have a player stand in front of the lineman, base block the d-player the length of the board,quick drill again working on stamina
4th-put bags(linebackers) at end of boards have lineman fire out and attack with one hit, then get back into chute.(make sure they stay low until they make contact with the bag).again repeat this at least 10x with the same group before switching.
5th-get rid of boards and bags. have linebackers standing 5 yards off the chute scraping either left or right on the snap. have the lineman fire out of the chute and meet the linebackers where they will be, not where they were.
Coaching Points:
Do this with many reps and preach the fact that the last drill must be done with the same speed as the first. preach 4th quarter.make sure they don't start forgetting fundamentals when they are tired!
I do this everyday before we do anything else. It takes about 20 minutes, but its well worth it. It keeps their fundamentals sharp and keeps them in shape. NO 4TH QUARTER LETDOWNS FROM THE LINE!