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Dive & Drive
Set Up:
You can use all offensive linemen on the team one at a time or set up in pairs. Equipment Needed: Blocking Shields and a Chute.

Player starts in his three point stance and dive forward, much like a swimmer. At first the drill is done with no contact on the blocking shields. The player will just land on his belly using the power step as his first step.
Second: Same drill using running step and try to move forward as much as he can before landing.
Third: Same drill using opponent with blocking shield and driving his opponent backwards.

Coaching Points:
Look for his power step and short chop steps during the third part, also make sure player fires out low which is the main the purpose off drill.

The objective off drill is to teach a good and pure drive block (base block). Teaches players to explode and hit low. Offensive Linemen will learn to be the first man to hit. Remember first man to hit usually wins battle