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GO GO DRILLSet Up:We use ten inch cones laid end to end to form two lanes.   You don't want your lanes two long or the linemen might trip over whatever you are using.   You can use shields but don't use the big blocking dummies.Set up with an offensive lineman on the outside of   the two lanes.  The defense is lined up in a normal position facing the offense.Procedure:On the snap count, the offensive lineman sits on a  imaginary bench and punches the pass rusher.  He has to punch and "lock the man out."  If this happens, the defender moves to the first lane. The offensive man side shuffles to the next lane and "sits" and "punches" again.  They then shuffle to the next lane and go again.   The defender then shuffles back to the first lane and then to the starting position.Once back to the starting position the defender tries to get up field by making the offensive lineman turn his body sideways. Hence the name "Go-Go".  You do this drill from both sides.  It takes five minutes of practice time to put a dozen linemen through this and work them hard. Coaching Points: 1.Butt down, sit on the bench, punch and recoil. 2.Don't fire your punch until the defender gets close enough to be inside your "bench press." 3.Move your feet, be athletic.Objective:This drill teaches every aspect of pass blocking and forces the linemen to move their feet.