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Hand Drill

General Information:
Having quick hands is an important element fot an offensive lineman. This drill will emphasis quickness and power of the punch.

Set Up:
The drill can be set up a number of ways. I have explained the procedure as if it was conducted on a 5 or 7 man sled, however, you can also use the following
1.Players holding pads
2.Players aligned across from each other with one group as the offense and the other defense. Defensive players are in an upright position with their hands behind thier back and chest leaning foreward. Offense can either be on their knees or in the position listed below.

1.Lline players up in front of the sled
2.Players align in a pre-set position.
3.On the coaches' command, the players quickly punch the sled, emphasising quickness, not power.  The players should have good technique on their punch. Palms cupped, thumbs up, and elbows in and underneath.
4.The next part of this drill is to have the players hit and then extend to lockout. They must punch, roll their hips, and lift the sled off the ground.
5.The final part of the drill is to have the players combine aboth stages the punch and lockout from the  three poinr stance

Coaching Points:
1.Emphasis hand quickness and technique.
2.Emphasis roll of hips and elbow position. (in close to the body and elbows are underneath them.
3.Simulate getting leverage on the defender, emphasis power, quickness (hands and firing out), and footwor

To develop quick hands on the offensive line and to work on getting leverage and locking out the defender.