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Hill Drill - Drive Block
We run a multiple formation Wing-T that relies heavily on various option plays.
I run this drill 1-2 times per week.
Set Up:
You will need 2 shields for each line. You MUST have a hill with a decent slope and a 7-10 yard run. Each line consists of an O-lineman at the base of the hill and 2 defensive players on the uphill side. Set-up as many lines as your hill will allow and you can coach.
The O-lineman assumes a 3 point stance on the flat area at the base of the hill. Opposite him also on the flat area is a D-lineman with a shield in a proper 3 or 4 point stance. (The shield is worn on one arm and is used to deliver a good blow yet still protect the linemen from injury.) Approximately 5 yards away on the same line is a defensive player in a 2 point stance with a shield on one arm. The second player is on the hillside. The O-Lineman is told the offensive count and which shoulder block to use.
On the count, the O-Lineman executes a good drive block and begins to drive the 1st defender up the hill. On the whistle or "break" call, he leaves his first block, excelerates up the hill and executes a good drive block on the 2nd defender. The drill ends on the whistle or when the defender is driven to the top of the hill.
Coaching Points:
The emphasis is on a good drive block, staying low, feet are shoulder width, short choppy steps, hips square, shoulders flat, forearm blow, and good follow thru.
The 2nd defender will have a clear advantage by being uphill. The O-lineman must excelerate thru him by running uphill then just prior to collision, widening his base which will dip the shoulders for better leverage. To defeat the uphill man he must use speed, leverage, and excelerate the feet after the collision.
Teaches the O-Lineman to drive block off the LOS, gain the advantage, release, and get a second block at the next level. Emphasizes the use of short choppy steps to move the uphill man and placing the should on the belt buckle for leverage. Good for conditioning too! It will challenge even your best linemen since a smaller, less skilled player gains a great advantage when placed uphill so it makes 'em all give you 100% and then some. Turn your O-Lineman 90 degrees to the hill and now you have a pull/trap drill.