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Read Step Drill
Set Up:
You will need 3 cones and a football for the drill.

Place 2 cones on a line about 6 yards apart.  Place another cone at your linebacker's alignment depth (for us it is 4 yards) away from the 2 cones, splitting the difference.   This is the cone the players will line up behind.  The coach will be directly between the 2 cones and in front of the single cone with a football.
Players will be in a single file line behind the single cone.  They will be in a good football stance (knees bent, back flat, head up, hands off knees, eyes on their key) straddling the cone.  The coach is facing the player and opens (as if to hand the ball off) right or left.  The player takes a lateral or slightly forward "read step," then scrapes off the cone in the direction in which the coach opened up.  The player sprints past the cone, then jogs back to the end of the line.
Coaching Points:
The coach is looking at the players first step. No backward step should occur.   Also the player should read step with the appropriate foot.  This will be the foot in the direction his key (coach) takes him (whichever direction the coach opens up).   The scrape should be right off the cone, no banana scrapes.
Teaches the player to take a proper read step and to take a direct line to the ball (inside out). 

This drill is excellent for stance, step, and proper scrape.  We feel that fundamentals should be taught everyday, no matter if it's the first day of fall practice or the day before the state championship game.