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Stalemate Recovery DrillSet Up:You need a blocking shield or a light standing dummy for each player in the drill. I do the drill with 5-6 offensive linemen and 5-6 players holding the dummy.Procedure:I tell the players the count and have them in a 3 point stance. On the count the linemen explode into the dummy and execute a drive block. After initial contact I call out Stalemate. The dummy holders dig in and cause a stalemate . The offensive lineman widen and quicken  their feet while maintaining a proper fit. I will then point right or left. The bag holders will release pressure and move in the direction I point. The offensive lineman will then accelerate and drive the man in the direction they move, keeping proper head and body position. Coaching Points:    1. Widen feet and quicken the steps as soon as the stalemate occurs.    2.  As soon as pressure is released accelerate and drive man in the direction he goes.    3. Maintain proper head position and body mechanics.Objective:This drill will help your lineman stay on their blocks and finish the block even after the defensive man has nullified his initial  block