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Three Ball Drill
Set Up:
This drill only requires three tennis balls and can be done indoors or outdoors.
Players are to line up in a single file line facing the coach who is on one knee about 5 yards in front facing the player.  On the coach's command, the player is to have his feet about shoulder width apart with his butt down and head up in a good football stance.   The coach is then going to roll one ball to one side and the player is to SHUFFLE to the ball and roll it back.  Immediately roll another ball to the opposite side and continue this for about 15 seconds.  Once time is called, the next player is to move into position for his turn.  Each player should get at least 5 reps before going to another drill.
Coaching Points:
Players have a tendency to drop their heads and bend their back to get the ball.   Make sure they are using their legs to squat.  Also watch their feet as they will cross over as fatigue sets in.  Be sure and mix up the directions you roll the ball and roll it to the same side sometimes so the player will not get into the habit of guessing or anticipating the direction the ball will be coming from.
This drill is to work on footwork and good pass blocking technique.  We did this almost every day at Ole Miss during the off season and it works.