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Two Hut Drill
Set Up:
Five O linemen, five defenders, Five blocking boards. Place O lineman in 3 point stance w/ board between feet. Each defender covers an O-lineman in a 2 point stance.

Each O-lineman takes their first step and second step and gets in a fit position after the first hut. Coach then checks the fit position to see if it is correct. If position is correct, Coach gives second hut. O-lineman continues block. The goal is first to get into a good fit position and second to roll hips and finish block on second hut.

Coaching Points:
This drill can be worked versus a inside shade, outside shade, or a head up defender.
·Check O-lineman's hips - must not rise to get into fit position.
·Check hands - must be placed in proper fit position.
·O-lineman must not cross feet over board throughout the entire block.

Objective is to execute the proper feel, steps, and position of a run block. This allows the coach to check the position of his player at different points of the block.