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Whistle Drill
Set Up:
All Offensive Line Personnel & A Whistle!

The lineman are positioned in lines of five. On command the first line assumes a stance. On the first whistle each lineman will take a six inch step with his right foot straight ahead (dive block), and bring his hand to a proper thumbs up and together position, and then he immediately returns to his stance as quickly as possible. Then the same thing will happen with the second whistle but this time with his left foot. The next steps will then be a reach or zone steps and the last steps are pulling steps. On the last whistle they will pull to the left and the next group gets ready. As the players get faster with their steps, I shorter the time between whistles. This drill has greatly improved our first step quickness.

Coaching Points:
1.Make sure that whey take a proper step each whistle.
2.Make sure that after every step, they assume a proper stance.
3.Make sure their hands are in proper position with every step.

1.Improve first step quickness.
2.Work on a proper first step.
3.Easy drill to teach all of your blocking steps.