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Fade Drill
Set Up:
You will need footballs. We do the drill in two lines. Each line should face each other. One on the fifty and one on the 5 yard line heading towards the 50. Have a line of receivers 15 yards from the right of the QB.
On the quarterbacks cadence the receiver runs the route at 3/4 speed. The route is a fade route and must use their speed to adjust to the ball. The quarterback throws a high trajectory pass trying to put the ball near the sideline. Once the receiver catches the ball he runs to the end of the other line giving that QB the ball.
**Can be run with or without DB's.

Coaching Points:
QB's: Important for the QB to release the balloon a high trajectory. Watch the QB's eyes and make sure he is not watching the ball but is focusing on the receiver or the area.
WR's: Receivers should practice being at 3/4 speed and then break full speed on the ball. Watch the ball all the way to the hands. Should catch the ball without breaking stride.
To teach the proper technique in throwing the long high trajectory pass. For the receivers it teaches the use of speed to break away from the defender.