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Drills To Teach Proper Throwing Mechanics

Knee Drill
2 QB's 8-12 yards apart, if right handed then right knee is on the ground, left knee at 90 degree angle. Set the ball on the ground QB then picks it up with two hands extends arms picks target (exp. nose or shoulder of the other QB).
Coaching points are -- high release, QB should try to use hips to throw the ball not just arm, the drill is not meant to be done with allot of speed more so the quality of movement.

Feet Parallel
2 QB's 8-12 yards apart with toes pointing at each other and throw the ball back and fourth with good hip and arm technique. This drill should also be done with lead foot forward so that QB is throwing across his body and with wrong foot forward this will bring the ball down if QB tends to throw high.

Wall Drill
QB and wall are 8-12 yards apart, if right handed then right knee is on the ground, left knee at 90 degree angle. Elbow stays as straight as possible throw the ball at a flat wall about 2' off the ground it should bounce back to the QB if done properly. Object of this drill is to build strength and flexibility.

Trajectory Drill
QB on one side of the goal post and WR or TE on the other side. The receiver runs a crossing pattern about 10 yards beyond the goal post, QB take a 3 or 5 step drop back and throws over the goal post hitting WR in stride. Coaching points are to emphasize good throwing technique. It is a good idea to have the QB do this drill on the run to his left and right.