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Read the Give and Pitch Option
Set Up:
We use a veer belt and footballs.  You need atleast four QB's if you are going to have both sides going at the same time(2 for one direction).  Need eight RB's (and four for one direction).
1st - we will have a veer belt and QB and both RB's.  Run dive to the right and the coach will be the the defensive player the QB has to read.  The next QB will have to be outside the dive read area.  This QB will have another ball out so that the QB reading the play will be able to grab it if he gave the ball to the dive back.  This drill allows the play to continue if the ball is given to the dive back.
2nd - we will have another set of players running the same drill but on the other side of the veer belt going in the opposite directions and at the same time.  We use our running back coach as the second coach in the drill.
Coaching Points:
Coaches must coach the mesh point and exchange between the QB and RB on dive.  The RB coach should coach the point of attack and the pitch relationship of the play. Teach players to go full speed and carryout their fakes.  They must always expect the QB to pull and pitch the ball.
This drill teaches the QB to read the dive and be able to carryout his techniques to pitching the football.  This drill makes the game action seem easy and that is the way practice should prepare our players for the real game situations.
This drill reinforces the exchange of the QB-RB on dives (mesh) and the pitch action and relationship of the backs.