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Sprint Out Pass Techniques

Set Up:
Need at least three QB's and they can use only one football if they pass on the money.   Have footballs available instead of running after badly thrown footballs.  The first QB with the ball should be on the goalline corner of the field.  The second QB should be waiting behind the 1st QB.  The third QB should be on the ten yard line on the closest hash mark facing the first QB.
The 1st QB will drop back and sprint out half speed (getting depth of five yards) and then while attacking the LOS the QB must chop his toes in the grass quickly and throw the football when on the LOS or close to it.  Then the 2nd QB will catch the ball and do the same action to the third QB and he will keep the drill moving.  The QB's will follow their throws and replace the QB that left.  The QB's will warm-up and they will practice the proper mechanics of throwing on the run.  The QB's must crouch the ball out from the snap and get the ball up on the sprint out movement, and the QB's must have the football high enough to make a natural throw (without bring the football too far back) with a great deal of accuracy.
Coaching Points:
The QB's normally try to take long strides on the attacking of the LOS.  Their strides should be short and choppy.  The QB must learn to throw the football without trying to pound the ball into the receiver.  The QB's must be mechanically sound or at some point in time during the game the poor mechanics will cause bad plays to occur.
This drill will allow your QB's to perform great things with the football when sprinting out to pass.  This drill should be ran with more space width and depth wise, the drill should be ran at full speed after the QB's has warmed up or after they have mastered the techniques mentioned earlier.