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Turn Drill
Set Up:
This drill is run best with about 5 kids per group.  We place a coach with each group. The coach will be the person who will be throwing the football.  One football per group is needed. Have the receivers stand in a straight line with their backs to the coach.  In the beginning the coach should be about 10 yards from the players.
As the players are standing in a straight line with their backs to the coach, they are what we call the ready position(feet spaced comfortably apart,head up, and hands are out in front of their body) The coach lets the players know which side he will be throwing to first. (left to right or right to left)As the coach throws the ball to the first person he will yell "ball." This tells that player to turn around as quickly as possible to catch the ball. It's important they snap their head, shoulders, and hips around quickly. They are always required to tuck the ball away after a catch.  To make the drill more challenging, the coach can start closer to the players and not yell "ball" until it is about half way to the player. The coach can also throw the ball a little harder and at different locations.
Coaching Points:
Get the players to turn their shoulders and hips with their head.  Players have the tendency to just turn their head.
Teaches players to react quickly, find the football, and improves their concentration on the football.